Studying Counseling and Human Services at Wake Forest

Wake Forest graduate students are more than just future counselors and human services professionals; they are key members of the communities they serve and organizations they represent. Through a robust curriculum, you can learn the therapeutic skills and clinical expertise to change lives for good once you graduate.

Where Are Wake Forest MAC and MAHS Alumni Now?

Wake Forest offers graduate counseling students rich, diverse opportunities for personal growth, job experience and preparation for doctoral study. Our students have worked in:

  • Community agencies
  • Mental facilities
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Collegiate institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Marketing firms

MAC / MAHS Student Testimonials

“It’s an authentic program that is committed to helping us understand ourselves and human nature. Through the process of learning with our cohort and faculty, it creates a place of intellectual stimulation that will be greatly beneficial to us when we become counselors in the real world with real people.”

Lisa Rainwater
Wake Forest online master’s of counseling student


“Wake Forest has such as an extensive alumni base that I’ve actually gotten a couple of jobs because I was a Wake Forest student and because somebody or one of the managers was a previous student.”

Kelsea Copeland
Wake Forest online master’s of counseling graduate

“If you go to these other programs, these clinical mental health programs across the country, then chances are the books you will be reading will be written by the professors at Wake Forest.”

Ashley Hamby
Wake Forest online master’s of counseling student


“The counseling program really helped me look at myself, how I am, how I perceive the world and how that either positively, or even negatively, affects how I am with clients or potential clients, and just really increased my self-awareness and cultural competence in working with a diverse population.”

Amy Willard
Wake Forest online master’s of counseling graduate

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