About Wake Forest University

Wake Forest College, as it was then known, was formed in 1834 with a unique educational mission — to build not only intellect, but also character. Today, Wake Forest University carries on this mission by educating the whole person through mind, body and spirit and by helping students find their place in the world following graduation.

The university motto is Pro Humanitate, which means to serve humanity. This motto is interwoven throughout the academic programs and curriculum at Wake Forest and is heeded by the faculty and student body.

About the Department of Counseling

Part of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Counseling is highly regarded for its faculty, high test scores, notable students and curriculum.

Our students and faculty are not just scholars and educators; they are people who have an innate passion to positively influence society and lead purpose-driven lives. This passion is what makes the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences a desirable place to pursue advanced education in counseling.

About the Department of Counseling

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