Dr. Sam Gladding Video 1

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Video Transcript:

Student growth is very important to all of us in the counseling program here at Wake Forest. I have worked with a number of students over the years to try to help them move on in the profession of counseling in various ways. For those who were more research oriented, I have made it a point to write with them manuscripts that have been accepted into some of the best journals in the counseling profession. For those, who are more clinically oriented I have made numerous phone calls to potential employers for them and have worked with them role rehearsals and other aspects of getting a job like refining’s ones vita to help them again move on into the world and to be counselor in agencies and schools and other settings where they wish to be employed and make a difference. We see student here at wake forest as emerging professional and there for we are very committed to their overall growth and well-being and to their potential employment after they graduate from this program. I can say that in the 23 year that I have been here at Wake Forest that we have never had a student who wanted to work in the counseling field who did not find a job and find something that was more than a job that is a career in helping others in counseling way.