Dr. Seth Hayden

Associate Director of Online Counseling Program/Associate Professor

Photo of Dr. Seth Hayden

Address: Department of Counseling, Box 7406, Winston Salem NC 27109


Office Phone:  336-758-8624

Faculty Member at Wake Forest University since 2014


  • Ph.D. Counselor Education, University of Virginia
  • MS Counseling, University of Memphis
  • BA Psychology, University of Memphis
  • BS Education, University of Memphis

Research and Special Interests

  • Career and mental health needs of military service members, veterans, and their families; connection between career and mental health issues; integrated models of clinical supervision focusing on positive growth in counselors’ ability to formulate interventions.

Awards/Grants (selected)

  • NCDA Outstanding Service Through Board Leadership Service Award – National Career Development Association, 2018
  • The Professional Counselor Outstanding Scholar Award – Concept/Theory, 2015
  • Outstanding Career Development Quarterly Article of the Year – National Career Development Association, 2014
  • Award of Excellence – Association for Counselors and Educators in Government, 2013
  • Professional of the Year – Association for Counselors and Educators in Government,  2012
  • Emerging Leader Fellow – Association for Counselor Education and Supervision,  2009
  • North Carolina Career Development Association Best Practices Grant (October, 2016). Career development group for veterans who are homeless. Funded.
  • Office of Research and Sponsored Program, Wake Forest University,  Pilot Research Grant (April, 2015). Examining a Theoretically-based Career Counseling Interventions for Transitioning Military Service Members. Funded
  • Aurora Foundation (October, 2011). Grant to create electronic resource for student veterans designed to enhance awareness of campus and community support services. Funded.

Professional Service (Selected)

  • National Career Development Association – President Elect-Elect, 2018 – present
  • Counselor Educators and Researchers, National Career Development Association – Trustee, 2017-2018
  • Supervision Interest Network, Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision – Co-chair, 2017 – present
  • American Counseling Association Crisis Preparedness and Trauma Counseling – Member, 2017 – present
  • Military and Government Counseling Association, a division of the American Counseling Association – President, 2013-2014
  • Journal of Counseling & Development – Editorial Board Member, 2016 – present
  • The Professional Counselor – Editorial Board Member, 2015 – present
  • Journal of Military and Government Counseling – Editorial Board Member, 2015 – present

Counseling Experience

  • Volunteer Counselor, Veterans Helping Veterans Heal, 2017 – present
  • Program Director, Florida State University Career Center, 2012-2014
  • Counselor/Coordinator, University of Virginia Personal and Career Development Center, 2008-2012
  • Counselor/Supervisor, Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative,  Charlottesville, Virginia 2009-2012

Professional Licensure and Memberships (selected) 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in North Carolina and Virginia
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC)
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS)
  • Certified Career Counselor Educator (CCCE)
  • American Counseling Association (ACA)
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES)
  • Military and Government Counseling Association (MGCA)
  • National Career Development Association (NCDA)

Recent Publications (selected)

  • Hayden, S. C.W., Robertson, H. C., & Kennelly, E. (2018). Military culture in counselor education: Assessing educators’ perceptions of inclusion. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 10(1). Retrieved from https://repository.wcsu.edu/jcps/vol10/iss1/10
  • Hayden, S.C.W. (2018). Fostering intentionality in career assessment utilization through counseling supervision. Career Planning & Adult Development Journal, 33(4), 90 – 97. [INVITED]
  • Hayden, S.C.W., & Jackson-Cherry, L. (2018). Military and first responders. In Jackson-Cherry, L., & Erford, B. T. (Eds.). Crisis assessment, intervention, and prevention (3rd ed.). (pp. 349 – 378). New York: Pearson.
  • Hayden, S. C. W., Glosoff, H., Lopez-Baez, S., & Green, L. (2017). Addressing needs of military families during deployment: Military service providers’ perception of integrating support services. Journal of Military and Government Counseling, 5(3), 190-212.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., & Scholl, M. (2017). Solution-focused approaches to career counseling with a male military veteran. In Busacca, L. A. & Rehfuss, M.C. (Eds.), Postmodern career counseling: A handbook of culture, context, and cases. (pp. 259 – 271). Alexandria, VA.: American Counseling Association.
  • Scholl, M. B., Hayden, S. C. W., & Clarke, P. B. (2017). Promoting optimal student engagement in online counseling courses. The Journal of Humanistic Counseling, 56(3),197–210. doi:10.1002/johc.12053.
  • Buzzetta, M., Hayden, S. C. W., & Ledwith, K. (in press). Creating hope: Assisting veterans with job search strategies using cognitive information processing theory. Journal of Employment Counseling.
  • Dieringer, D.D., Lenz, J.G., Hayden, S.C.W., & Peterson, G.W. (2017). Examining a measure of negative career thinking and its relationship to depression and hopelessness. Career Development Quarterly. 65 (2), 159-172. doi: 10.1002/cdq.12089.
  • *Del Hierro, M. L., & Hayden, S.C.W. (2017). Integrating interpersonal social rhythm theory and eye movement desensitization reprocessing in treatment planning for bipolar disorder. In Ideas and research you can use: VISTAS 2017. Retrieved from https://www.counseling.org/docs/default-source/vistas/integrating_interpersonal.pdf?sfvrsn=4.
  • Green, L.A., Dawson-Fend, L., Hayden, S., Crews, C., & Painter, A. (2016). From combat to the classroom: Understanding and addressing veteran transition. Journal of Military and Government Counseling, 4(1), 118-133.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., *Kronholz, J., *Pawley, E., & *Theall, K. (2016). Major depressive disorder and career development: Link and implications. Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, 32(1), 19 – 31.
  • Osborn, D.S., Hayden, S.C.W., & Peterson, G.W. & Sampson Jr., J. (2016). The effect of brief staff-assisted career service delivery on drop-in clients. Career Development Quarterly, 64(2), 181 – 187. doi: 10.1002/cdq.12050.
  • Canto, A.I., McMackin, M.L., Hayden, S.C.W., Jeffery, K.A., & Osborn, D. (2015). Military veterans: Creative counseling with student veterans. Journal of Poetry Therapy: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Practice, Theory, Research and Education, 28(2)147 – 163. doi: 10.1080/08893675.2015.1011473
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Williams D.J., Canto, A. & *Finklea, J. (2015). Shelter from the storm: Addressing vicarious traumatization through clinical supervision. The Professional Counselor, 5(4)529 – 542. doi:10.15241/scwh.5.4.529.
    • Received The Professional Counselor Outstanding Scholar Award – Concept/Theory (2015)
  • Hayden, S.C.W., & *Kronholz, J. (2015). Integration of assessments in counseling: Developing competence within clinical supervision. Career Planning & Adult Development Journal 30(4), 156 – 169.
  • Pyle, R., & Hayden, S.C.W. (2015). Group career counseling: Practices and principles (2nd ed.). (monograph). Broken Arrow, OK: National Career Development Association.

Recent Presentations (selected) 

  • Hayden, S.C.W., Bang, N. M., White, R.K., & Dozier, V.C. (June, 2018). Practitioner’s Guide to using theory in practice. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Phoenix, AZ. 
  • Belle, J. & Hayden, S.C.W. (June, 2018). Integrating theory, research, and practice to assist  veterans in career transition. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Phoenix, AZ.
  • Bullock-Yowell, E., Osborn, D., Hayden, S.C.W., Lenz, J.G., & Sampson, J.P. (June, 2018). Connecting cognitive information processing theory, research, & practice to career transitions. Presented at the Society of Vocational Psychology Conference, Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Lenz, J.G., Sampson, J.P., & Dozier, V.C. (April, 2018). Cognitive information processing: Bridging the gap between career and mental health. Presented at the American Counseling Association Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • *Ford, C., & Hayden, S.C.W. (February, 2018). Collectivistic therapeutic approaches to address trauma in military service members and veterans. Presented at the North Carolina Counseling Association Conference, Durham, NC.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Scholl, M., & Clarke, P. (October, 2017). Better practices for optimal engagement in online instruction. Presented at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Hayden, S.C.W. (October, 2017). Teaching career development and counseling using experiential learning theory. Presented at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Hayden, S.C.W. (June, 2017). Instilling optimism in those who served: Supporting veterans through a theoretically-based career group. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Pyle, D., & Hayden, S.C.W. (June, 2017). Group career counseling: Principles and practices. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Calhoun, B. (June, 2017). Collaboration to address career and mental health: Connecting career centers with counselor training programs. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Friday, A.R., Morgan, L.M., & Storlie, C.A. (March, 2017). Intersections of career and self-concept. Presented at the American Counseling Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., *Kronholz, J., *Freeman, V., & *Willard, A. (June, 2016). Fostering career and mental well-being through assessments. Presented at the National Career Development Association Global Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., Osborn, D.S., Evans, K.M., Glavin, K.W., Rehfuss, M.C., & Burns, S. (March, 2016). Linking online resources to innovative teaching in career counseling. Presented at the American Counseling Association Conference, Montréal, Canada.
  • Robertson, H.C., & Hayden, S.C.W. (March, 2016). Spirituality, substance abuse, and veterans. Presented at the American Counseling Association Conference, Montréal, Canada.
  • Hayden, S.C.W., & Belle, J.G. (March, 2016). Major depressive disorder and career development: A link and implications. Presented at the American Counseling Association Conference, Montréal, Canada.


  • Enjoys spending time with family, exploring the great outdoors through camping and hiking, playing as well as watching sports, watching movies especially classic cinema (Casablanca is a favorite), and reading fictional and historical novels.