Wake Forest University’s Online MA in Counseling – Unique Qualities Of The Online Counseling Program

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Wake Forest online MA in Counseling students and professors say that the program provides a flexible and high-quality education that fits in your schedule but still offers the engagement of an on-campus program.

Video Transcript:

Aileen Lassiter: I chose Wake Forest’s online counseling program the minute that I found out that it existed. I found out that this is a brand new program. They don’t have any other online programs in any other department. That was very special. I felt like I found a treasure and the education that I’m receiving is no different than being in the classroom. So, I have fortune and flexibility to live my life and at the same time pursue my future at a world class university that’s reputable. I’ve always wanted to help in the mental health field and I just found the perfect match for that.
Jennifer Rodgers: Not everyone can stop their life for two or three years to go to graduate school. So, the online option allows people to do the work in the evenings, on the weekends according to their schedule, what works for them and their family, their work-life, complete other coursework and then get out to start helping people which is what the students that we attract really wanna do.
Philip Clarke: Our program has asynchronous learning where students can kind of self-direct and go through some of the modules of a course on their own. But then we have a lot of synchronous time where students meet with each other, where they receive feedback from faculty and we all hold weekly office hours. So, we engage with students in that way.
Chris Mundy: I’ve taken online classes before where it was kind of just – they send you a PowerPoint slideshow and you read it and you take a test and that’s it. But every week, we are required to make a post in our discussion forum and then you have to reply to at least two classmates in the forum. So, that spurs a lot of interaction between the classmates where you get to know each other on that professional level or academic level.
Philip Clarke: What I’ve been pleasantly surprised to experience is that I have equally as much if not more contact with my online students when compared to my campus students. And so, that makes me proud to say that we really still have that same high engagement with our students in our online program as we do with our campus students.
Aileen Lassiter: For anyone who is interested in pursuing this program, if you’re interested, go ahead and take the first step. And after that trust the process all the way through, every step of the way, don’t doubt it and have a lot of pride and go Deacs.