Wake Forest University’s Online MA in Counseling – Managing Your Studies, Work And Family

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One student from the Wake Forest online MA in Counseling explains how she managed to juggle work, family and her education while earning her online degree.

Video Transcript:
I think when I got into the program I was working full-time. And I had my daughter, she was in the third grade, so I was very busy. But I still wanted to move forward with my education. You know, we still have to meet face to face through Adobe Connect or WebEx or whatever other new technological feature that they’re gonna use to advance our education. I believe that still sharp and steel and I love the fact that I can become sharper with my classmates.
How do I manage? I manage as day by day with my trusty planner and calendar. I manage just being intentional, week to week, month to month preparing myself. I’ve learned through this process, through this course of events in this program that I have to not procrastinate. I have to plan ahead, so I’ve really developed a lot. I’ve learned how to cut away things that don’t serve me and focus on the things that do, you know, my education, my health. So, it’s pushed me even further. It’s been a very transforming process, catching balance and demanding flexibility, you know whether it be at the workplace. I have the fortune to have the flexibility, but I’m empowered. I can choose exactly what it is that I need to do from day to day, from class to class and go Deacs.