Wake Forest University’s Online MA in Counseling – Helping People

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Professor Jennifer Rogers of the Wake Forest MA in Counseling program says that helping people and doing good in the world motivates her as she teaches the next generation of counselors.

Video Transcript:

Like many of our students, my draw to the profession was from a very personal place. And I was compelled to want to enter a field where I felt like that I could do some specific good in the world. It sounds cheesy, but I really wanted to help people. I really try to connect with my students, you know especially as people have challenges, as they invariably do in the course of several years we know, especially as counselors, we know that life happens. I really try to use those occasions when students are, perhaps needing some extra support to flex my counseling skills a bit and really try to understand the context in which they’re operating through this program. And it’s an honor to get to help people who are striving to get an education to get specific training to go out and do good in the world.