Wake Forest University’s MA in Counseling – The Online Experience

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A student in the Wake Forest online master’s in counseling program says that the availability of the professors and personal interaction make the program seem like an on-campus experience.

Video Transcript:

The biggest positive thing that I’ve noticed about the Wake Forest program is that I don’t feel like it’s an online program. You know, obviously, I’m doing it on my computer in Pennsylvania instead of sitting in North Carolina at the school, but the professors are always available if you need help. The section instructors are always available if you need help. That level of personal interaction makes it feel like it’s a brick and mortar program. Like we’re always connected to each other and the professors are constantly checking in. We have our discussion boards that we go through for class where we’re interacting with classmates. So, yeah it just feels like we’re all in the same place, even though we’re separated by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles. So, it makes it easy to stay involved and feel like I’m more involved in the program because of that.