How a MAHS Degree Can Help Your Career

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Are you thinking about pursuing a Master of Arts in Human Services (MAHS) degree? It will require a large investment of your time — but it may be well worth it. Although you can have a satisfying professional life with only a bachelor’s degree, there are many advantages to earning an advanced degree. Consider, for example, the following ways in which a MAHS degree can help your career.

A Competitive Edge

Counseling Degree and Your Career

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Brian D. Kelley, chief information officer at Portage County Information Technology Services, says, “Many entry level jobs today now require a master’s and virtually all senior management and senior professional positions require a master’s.” Indeed, today’s job market is a tough one, especially when you consider that record numbers of people are attaining their bachelor’s degrees.

“Having a master’s degree can increase your annual earning potential,” Kelley further stated.

Earning your MAHS will help you acquire the most desired jobs in your industry, whether you want a leadership position at a counseling center or a career of giving to others, such as that of a social worker for young children or elderly people.

Broader Career Options

In addition to providing you with an advantage when it comes to getting jobs, a MAHS will also broaden your career options. Here are a few jobs that may be open to you after you get your degree:

  • Family therapist
  • Human services educator
  • College instructor in human services
  • School and community service manager
  • Higher education counselor

The fact that you are pursuing an advanced degree may increase your hireability, even while you are in school. Many employers value people who show initiative. Also, because so many online degree programs are available, companies will not be concerned that your school schedule will interfere with work.

Your MAHS degree will also be valuable if you choose to start your own counseling practice. Your credentials will signal to investors that you have the expertise necessary to make a success out of your new venture, and you might even want to take a few business courses to add to your entrepreneurial strengths.

Networking Potential

When you are in school, you will connect with like-minded professors and fellow students. You will gain ideas from each other and, after you graduate, you will have valuable connections that you can use to find employment and gain support for your projects.

Even if you do not take an on-campus program, you can still build relationships online via emails, chats, and video conferencing.

Greater Personal Satisfaction

A MAHS degree equips you to help people. With the knowledge that comes with your master’s, you’ll be better able to assist people who are in need, and you can have a greater reach when you do so. Whether you work for a non-profit administration or you are an entrepreneur striking out on a new path, you’ll reap personal satisfaction from what you’re able to do with your degree.

A MAHS degree will help you take your career to the next level. It will give you a competitive edge, open up a broad range of career choices, give you valuable professional connections, and imbue you with the potential for great satisfaction from your work.