Careers in Human Services

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Wake Forest University offers students in their Master of Arts in Human Services program a range of diverse and rewarding opportunities for personal growth and professional experience. The degree prepares graduates to be on the front lines in the delivery of services and produces skilled, compassionate counselors and human services professionals to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Careers in Human Services

Here are some of the more rewarding career opportunities that graduates may wish to pursue.

Case Manager

Case managers act as advocates on behalf of their clients, overseeing counseling and rehabilitation efforts and facilitating access to services that may assist them. For example, a housing specialist may help secure safe, affordable, and permanent housing for lower-income individuals or families. Or a behavioral health case manager may help navigate the health care system to ensure clients receive competent and compassionate care.

Nonprofit Administrator

Organizations in the nonprofit sector often face unique challenges associated with limited resources, minimal operating budgets, regulations that secure their nonprofit status, and the recruitment and retention of employees and volunteers. Nonprofit administrators manage these daily operations and work within their constraints to ensure the pursuit of their goals and the long-term health of their organization.

Program Manager

Program managers can work in a variety of organizations to develop, launch, and manage programs focused on helping at-risk communities. For example, a program manager at a youth shelter can help provide access to housing, basic living essentials, and education or rehabilitation programs that help to prepare their clients to be self-sufficient and reintegrate into the community. Managers may also be responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training new staff, participating in counseling sessions, or preparing and managing budgets.

Social Services Director

The need for social services directors is projected to grow as the baby boomer generation continues to age. For example, at an adult care facility, a typical day in the role may include counseling residents and their families, overseeing operating budgets, and researching or implementing policies to maximize the comfort of residents while working with finite resources most efficiently.

Volunteer Coordinator

A volunteer coordinator will oversee and manage all of the aspects of their organization’s volunteer team(s), including recruiting, training, supervising, and retaining individual volunteers to help their organization meet goals and objectives while working within lean budgets.

Wake Forest University’s online Master of Arts in Human Services degree prepares skilled, compassionate counselors and human services professionals to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It equips students with the knowledge and clinical understanding to help those who need it most, including those from vulnerable or at-risk communities, and empowers them to pursue a range of impactful careers.