5 Reasons to Become a Nonprofit Administrator

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You want a rewarding career, but there are so many options open to you! How can you choose a path that fits your personality and skills? If you’re interested in human services, why not set your sights on a position as a nonprofit administrator? Consider the following reasons why this career might be a fit for you.

You Want to Help Others

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If you want to inspire others, help tackle social issues, or educate the public, you’ll be able to find a nonprofit organization that is in line with your goals. For example, you might seek to help run an art museum or a public radio station. You could help to save the planet with the Sierra Club, or you could help sick and injured people by teaming up with Doctors Without Borders.

Examine which issues you care most about, and perform research on nonprofit organizations that try to address those problems. Once you have a cause in mind, you’ll know which courses to take and which degree programs to pursue, so you’ll be as prepared as possible to take on an administrative role at an organization that speaks to you.

You’re Great With People

Nonprofit administrators must have excellent people skills because some of their regular duties include:

  • Communicating with the nonprofit’s board of directors. You may have to explain projects, discuss budgets, and make presentations.
  • Acting as a liaison between the organization and its stakeholders. You’ll have to get to know the personalities of the stakeholders so you can deal with them in a tactful way and continue to cast your nonprofit in a positive light.
  • Spearheading fundraising. This could involve talking to donors, making speeches at events, and other tasks.
  • Leading marketing efforts. You need a good grasp on the personalities of the people to whom you want to donate so you can approve or adjust marketing campaigns as necessary.

You Have Excellent Organizational Skills

Nonprofit administrators must juggle an array of tasks, and for those without organization skills, doing so is practically an impossibility. If you can keep an organized schedule and delegate tasks to others based on their qualifications and availability, you will prove to be an asset for your organization.

You Have Great Leadership Skills

Many online degree programs include a leadership segment that will help you hone your natural abilities so that, when you graduate, you are ready to tackle the challenges of a nonprofit organization.

You’re Looking for a Change

Perhaps you’ve worked in social services for years, or maybe you’re just getting out of school and want to stay away from the corporate grind. In either case, work at a nonprofit organization may be for you. You might be able to start as a junior executive or, depending on your experience, acquire an even higher position. You can still have a fast-paced career, but it will have a refreshing focus.

Working as a nonprofit administrator is both challenging and satisfying. It will allow you to help others, hone your people skills, and spearhead important tasks. With the right skills and training, you can thrive in this career.